Over this past year, I have challenged not only myself but my whole family on spending more time outdoors instead of having our faces glued to a piece of electronic & I am happy to say that our efforts so far have been amazingly successful!

As a mother in this day & age it is so easy to be sucked in and immersed in the world of technology we live in! I was always telling my kids that there is so much more to this world than TV and smartphones & encouraged them to play outdoors more. I realized that I was a hippocrate! Here I am telling them one thing and I am doing another! What kind of shit is that? I’ll tell you the God honest truth…that’s that “I am the parent. Just do what I say.” BULLSHIT.

Funny huh…

Camping is our favorite thing to do as a family & and because of what we do for a living, vacations are usually reserved for the summer. So we decided to take up hiking! Being able to go for a day hike was the perfect answer to getting our whole family outdoors a lot more. We’ve done quite the list of hikes in our immediate and beautiful Bay Area…Briones, Black Diamond Mines, Rockville Hills, Pena Adobe, & Muir Wood National Monument.

Spontaniety at its best, we decided to do a spur the moment trip up to Pinecrest to test our skills and hike Cleo’s Bath. It was a 3.5 mile hike with tough terrain.

I was so proud of the kids! They hiked up half a mile of a wall of boulders to get to the beautiful swimming holes. It was a hard and scary hike but we worked together as a family to conquer the hike and it was well worth every minute because we ended up here…

The run off water from the melting ice was breathtaking! It was the freshest, clearest water I’ve ever seen and swam in. I honestly surprised myself! Hubby is an avid hiker and has always invited me to join him but I’ve always felt that I could never find the stamina and strength to complete a strenuous hike.

But guess what? I did it. And so did my kids.

The wilderness has always stood the test of time and we take the beauty of it for granted. Technology is not everything. Enjoy the amazing parts of this world just by stepping outside your doors, challenge yourself and the ones around you.