#mamalife is lying in bed at 5:07am knowing damn well that I have to be up in a couple hours and wrangle my two kids together to get them off to school. I know I’m definitely going to hate myself in a bit. Aha.

This swing shift is totally kicking my ass RN. My sleeping schedule is way off and I have never been this way! I am the type that can sleep thru anything! Trust, I was raised in a loud Filipino household who didn’t care what time it was, it’s always karaoke time! Flashback to when I attended a year of high school in the Philippines, my Aunt Tita owned and managed her own carinderia (mom & pop typa quick food service eatery) in the lovely city of Rosales, Pangasinan. I remember late nights being at the carinderia, the wafting smell of Red Horse and cornik while the roaring sound of karaoke music filled the room almost bursting your ears! It is definitely a fond memory that I haven’t visited in quite some time.

Guess I can throw in a few Zzzz’s before my little rascals wake up.

Good morning? Ha. Yeah, good morning.

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